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It is Depression Awareness Week, from 18th-24th April, and I am proud to share with you that I am feeling the hold of depression slowly slipping away from me.  Wow, it feels good to say this, but this is how I feel right now; I feel that I have been faced with really tough hurdles and yet I feel grounded and strong in myself, knowing that I will be okay.  This is how I want others to feel – that they will be okay.  Being diagnosed with depression is scary, at any age and at any time in your life.  Nothing can quite take away this unseen illness’ danger and how damaging it is to our bodies, our lives and to others around us.  Depression is toxic and it can quickly spread like wild fire, with a little igniting of negativity and lit with deep deep hate.  I am just so sorry for those of you who have been recently diagnosed and for those who know what it is like to wake up and to not feel the light around you.  I am just sorry that there is this thing that seems to be growing in our population despite all the doctors, organisations and strong-minded people fighting to rid of depression’s pain.  I hurt deeply for you and I hurt deeply for the dreams that have been damaged along the way.  

But this is the week to talk and to share how you feel, with others around you or people online who will understand.  There are those who want to hear your story and who want to help save you; you do not have to go through this dark journey alone and you do not have to stay silent.  Maybe in a time this was the way people went along their path, but organisations, like Sane, hold a community of many others with personal reflections on their experiences with mental health and holds campaigns to help fight against this stigma that seems to hold so many back.  This is the time to believe a little and to tell yourself that you will be okay…it will be okay.

This post is dedicated to raising awareness of depression but also for a very important person in my life who is going through leaps and bounds and still manages to maintain a smile on her face.  I just want you to know that we will be okay and whatever life throws at us, we will throw back, stronger and harder.  Harder than the battles we have faced, with my depression and darker times, and stronger than the pain our hearts have endured over the last couple of years.  We will get by.

My heart is out there to everyone tonight/this morning who is scared of the unknown – I too know this feeling and I guess we should all work together to grow a little braver in ourselves.  Lets speak out for those who cannot and lets join hands in this time of sharing and conquering.


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