Peace and Positivity

People Watching

People Watching

As I am sitting in a Costa in a shopping centre, all plugged in and ready for a non-distracted day of uni work, I find myself distracted by the people around me.  I am one of those people who can gaze into a space and just watch life happen…I can just watch people drink their teas, talk to their friends and collect their own thoughts, and this would entertain me for hours.  I guess because I like to think what it is they are thinking and what is going on in their lives – I make up scenarios in my head sometimes.  Without sounding creepy, I do love to people watch.

What makes me think is how somebody could look like one thing on the outside to others, but how different they may actually feel inside.  I guess this is the beauty of us humans; we wear our disguises so well and we sometimes do not want to admit defeat or show any cracks in our lives.  We want to create this perfect image of ourselves for the world to see and yet when we go to bed at night we are left with nobody to fool but us, and this is where our insecurities and true feelings are shown.  This is not the best time to uncover our own feelings, at night, in the dark in a room – that is why we must share our thoughts and feelings with our friends and families and to show them that we may not be perfect, but at least we are being honest with ourselves.  At least we are showing that we are real, with colourful days and problems…at least we are being real with ourselves.

Being honest and open about how we feel is one of the truest things we can do – no good comes from bottling things up and locking them away.  As I sit here, this is what I am thinking.  I am plugged in my headphones and sinking into my own world and I am watching the real world pass by me.  I watch these complex creatures eat, talk, laugh and walk by me and I do wonder if they wear their disguises, if they have anything to hide.  I guess I will never know the answer, but who will know is each individual – each one will know how they truly feel.

Take with you today your true self and reflect on how you feel and how you act today.  Bring out the real you to show and bring out the real you to life.


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