Peace and Positivity


Love is what makes the world go round – forget about money and materials – because love is the one thing that makes us tick.  Whether it be love from a partner or love from a family member or friend, love is the thing that all people desire and from love people do thrive.  If it weren’t for love, I do believe the world would stop…people would stop caring, people would stop giving and people would stop feeling.  This love is so important to us in life and that’s why I think it is so important to remind those who you love and love you how much you love loving them.  Love.

I do love the people in my life, a particular three being my main loves.  They mean the absolute world to me and I would give anything and do anything for them.  Through these people, I have learnt to truly accept myself and to develop from my flaws, and they are the only people who will ever truly understand me.  They have seen me at my ugliest (the past couple of days being truly ugly reflections of myself) and they have seen me in my happiest elements.  It is this love that I share with them that keeps me going; I do not know what I would do if I did not have it.  I wanted to say to them that ‘I love you’ and I love that you continue loving me when I am not loveable.

Share your love with those in your life that you cherish and appreciate their love for you by being kind to them.  Love is powerful, more powerful than any bad thought or any problem that life may throw at you…remember this in these times and grow from the stem of the love that holds you up; the stem that supports you and helps you grow.




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