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Installation: Monkey Minds



So last night was the opening night for the Creative Industries Graduate Show at Greenwich University, and it was a success!

Every student had the opportunity to showcase their final year projects for the public to see, and I worked on my project with my friend, Holly Ambrose.  My research for the project is found here through the use of a blog.

Monkey Minds is a board game we have created for our Advanced Project and our aim through this game is to abolish the stigma surrounding wellbeing and mental health in society, starting with children.  We have found that introducing this topic to younger audiences, from primary ages to secondary, will have a huge impact on the way children will develop their skills, emotionally and socially.  Monkey Minds is our fun new concept where children who play the game will not only learn about mental health and ways to help others, but also ways to help themselves if needs be.  We believe this is a crucial topic that all society should be educated in, and what better way to learn than through play!

‘Yes, I would definitely play such a game…I think a board game is a great idea. Our children today are immersed in a frighteningly narrow results-driven world of league tables and exam success. We need to stress that play, exercise, music and art are just as important to their mental health’

Rachel Kelly, author of Black Rainbow and Walking on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Happiness

Monkey Minds Collage 1Monkey Minds Collage 2

We believe introducing the subject of wellbeing to children is crucial in developing their social skills and skills to loving themselves, and what better way to introduce this to them than through playing and interacting with friends.

Each section of the board tackles with a different aspect of wellbeing, starting with:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 14.50.55

Lions Den with Lenny the Lion – The first round tackles bullying, an issue that is prevalent amongst children.

Monkey Mania with Millie and Mylo – This round teaches children how to cope with stress.

Watering Hole with Walter the Warthog – This round covers concepts of keeping fit and healthy.

Zone Out with Zoe Zebra – This round keeps children engaged by asking them to perform an activity or task and highlights how they can relax and switch off from technology.

Stand Tall with Gerry Giraffe – The final round aims to improve a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

We really hope this game could be used as an educational tool for children, in schools, in social care, in extra curricular activities or at home, and I believe our jungle animals will help children see the positives in themselves and others; I want Monkey Minds to be a game where children can speak freely about well-being and to understand the importance of it without feeling ashamed or in fear in what they might be feeling inside.

If you know any way our game could come to good use, please feel free to contact either one of us via email, and we would happily respond: and


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