Peace and Positivity

Road Trip!

Since I have been so busy preparing my final university project for the exhibition, I haven’t had a chance to write about my trip to Carlisle, Cumbria.  I drove my sister and I there to attend the Stepping Stones festival and the dire journey took nine hours on the way there, being caught in the rush hour Friday evening traffic, and luckily only six hours on the way back on the Sunday.

When we arrived, Skye and I were taken aback by the beauty of the scenery and how green the fields around us were.  We camped near a forest and an old castle ruin where the festival took place and it felt like we had stepped back in time, into a world that was simple and calm.  The music was a new experience for me – the majority of it being folksong as opposed to my varied pop/rock preferences of music – however it was very refreshing to see new artists’ play and their talents.  Acts like Jig Doll and Everything Everything were my particular favourites.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time away and it was a lovely time spent with my sister, for girl-bonding!  Apart from realising we had packed a family size tent for the two of us and having the troubles of setting that up, being smacked in the face by a tent pole and my lip being cut open and aside from my horrible cold and chesty cough, it was a really lovely experience.

I also travelled to Brighton with a friend on Monday and this trip was great too – we were hunting for vegan foods and walking by the sea front, and this space was just what I needed to take a breath and to collect my self and thoughts from my hectic mind.

Carlisle Collage 1


Carlisle Collage 2


Brighton Collage


I recommend anybody who needs some down-time to get away from the hassle of London to take a road trip (perhaps not to go as far as the borders of Scotland) and to find a place with much space to breathe and think.   It is quite amazing what time like this away can do for your mind, so treat yourself and look after your head; you cannot function and go through life peacefully with a cluttered mind.  So perhaps take time to sit by the sea and hear the waves crashing or sit down on a field and absorb the nature around you…the world has provided us places to regroup our thoughts, so let’s take advantage of them!


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