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Wisdom of the Day

Well, I haven’t blogged for a while… I have been too busy finding out I got a First Class BA Honours for my Media and Communication degree!  Woo!

I am suffering from the panic all postgraduates suffer in finding a job and thinking what to do with my life.  I have so many ideas but am not sure which path to follow, and that is why I am exploring the outcomes of different paths in such a rush I am not really taking time to think what it is I actually want to do!

As I have been researching job applications online, I came across this quote:


And as many times I have heard this quote, it has never properly sunk in to my mind until today.  There are so many great things I want to do right now and I just want to have everything within the next year, but I have to stop and realise I am not being realistic.  I want a full-time job doing something I love right away, but I have to remember this may take a while to get there, so for the mean-time I may have to invest my time in something that may not be what I necessarily wanted to do; but it will be one step closer to getting toward that final goal.  Even when I get there, my goal may have changed and many more doors of opportunity may open, but that is something I will look forward to.

Right now, I have to begin preparing my building blocks and working on the structure and measurements before jumping straight into building my foundation, which may be unsteady and not ready for construction.  At the moment, I have to take one thing at a time and work steadily to achieve the highest and strongest building of my life.  Good things do take time, and I do have plenty of time…it’s what I do with this time that is most important.  So do not rush or worry about what is mapped out for your life, instead take a little control and start readying yourself for all the fun and achievement ahead!


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