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Hello.  My name is Antalia Terblanche and I am 21 years old.  I am a blonde vegan who loves animals and rock music and I have a degree in Media and Communication.  I am currently studying a Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing as well as interning at SANE, the mental health charity in London.  Since June 2014, I have grown a passion for blogging positive thoughts and peaceful living.  I wish for world peace, equality in life and for everybody to be happy, and even though I know my blog will not grant all of these to come true, I will keep trying.  Even if I can help those of who read this, that is an achievement I am proud of.  I believe everybody should have the chance in life to feel happy and feel free, and what my blog provides is a safe space for those of you to feel brighter and more positive in life in those times of darkness.  I want my words to inspire positivity and for you to share this with the world.

I have been down.  I know what it is like to feel alone and suppressed from the world; to feel you have to face everything alone and that nobody will understand.  The truth be told, you are not alone.  People will understand and support you.  I did lose friends, trust, and what felt like my personality through my time in the dark, but by being honest with myself and others about my depression and my bulimia helped bring me back.  I am now beginning to feel myself again…I am starting to feel true happiness in myself for the first time in four years.  The numbness is slowly disappearing with the help of my medication, my family, my friends and my motivation to stay positive.

If you ever feel alone, you are more than welcome to contact me for any advice or I can just be your someone to talk to – I am no expert, but I have experience.  I do know how hurtful the pain can be.  Keep the faith and the belief that your life will get better…it may not seem true now, but what life has mapped out for you is an adventure.  Live it!

The only way is up!  Peace.

2 thoughts on “A Little about Me

  1. Lorni Heaven on said:

    Dear Antalia,
    I looked after you when you were born prematurely.You have grown into a beautiful young woman.
    I remember your parents well & enjoyed chatting with your mother while you were very small.
    Depression has affected me for most of my adult life so I am so pleased you are fighting hard to keep the dark clouds from hovering overhead.
    Keep well & happy,


    • Hey Lorni, I told mummy about this and she said how lovely it was to hear from you! Thank you for looking after me back then and thank you for your kind words – we just have to keep high above the clouds and reach for the sunlight.
      I hope you are well and keep happy also x x

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